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So, What's the Difference between "Full Figure" and "Plus Size"?

Full figure vs. plus size.  The terms “full figure” and “plus size” have been in the lingerie lexicon since the beginning. They’re frequently mentioned and used interchangeably so often that many consider them synonymous. Well, they aren’t. That’s right, there is a difference between the two terms; you can be full figured without being plus sized. Let me explain. In the lingerie business, the term, full figure means you have a cup size of D or greater. Plus size means you have a cup size of D or greater AND a band size of 40 or greater. So, a 34DD would be considered a full figure bra size. A 42D would be both a full figure and a plus size bra. This is important for a couple of reasons. The bra size 38D is the cut-off size for the largest bra size in many brands. A bra can therefore have a size range up to a 38D and be considered an “average figure” bra. But, bra styles that include and exceed a 40 band size in their size run are considered a plus size bra. By contrast, a bra style that only goes up to a 38 band size, but includes cup sizes larger than a D is considered a full figure bra style, but not considered a plus size bra style. The point here is that you need to pay attention to what term is actually being used on a bra style. If you wear a 42E, don’t be so sure that a bra claiming to be full figure will come in your size. Conversely, if you wear a 34DD, don’t think you need to be looking only at plus size bras in order to find your size. There has been an increase in manufacturers who cater to the full figure market. These brands include Lunaire, Panache and Chantelle. Plus size brands are also on the rise. They include Goddess, Le Mystere, Fantasie of England and Freya. If you need help with full-figure sizing, see HerRoom’s full-figure fitting guide.


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