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Tomima Talks: 7 Reasons to Own a Slip

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Hello there,

It was almost a cliché, but back when movies and television had censors, the only way to portray feminine allure without being censored was to dress the paramour in a full slip. And, as these photos show, they really did their job!

Today, I think most women have either forgotten, or have never been taught, the advantages of wearing slips in their many forms.

1. Keep Your Clothes Cleaner – Especially Fancy Ones

Today’s slips evolved from the chemise, which was worn under corsets. Back then, corsets were expensive, and washing them caused deterioration. The chemise was worn to catch perspiration and body oils, thus preventing staining and body odor from collecting in their corsets.

Wearing a slip or half slip under your dress, skirt, or formal gown today can perform the same function as a chemise. It can act as a layer of protection that keeps your clothing clean, thus allowing you to wear it a second or third time or more before needing to send it off to the cleaners.

2. Adds a Layer Under a Semi-Sheer Garment

There was an iconic moment for Lady Diana Spencer when she was only 19. Working at a nursery, this shot was taken, published, and became an international incident. She was reported later as telling Prince Charles: “I don’t want to be known as the girlfriend who had no petticoat.”

Then, there was “Bum Gate” in 2014 with Kate Middleton who fell victim to a burst of wind exposing the future Queen’s well-toned bottom.

This is probably the most common reason to wear a slip – modesty. You never know when the sun will shine, or the wind will blow. So, having a small arsenal of half slips in different lengths and colors will come in handy. The best color under anything sheer is a skin tone. Otherwise, select a color closest to the color of your skirt. And a white slip with a white skirt will only show off seams – skin tone is best under white as well.

3. Smooths and Hides Panty/Bra Lines

Most women run for shapewear when they want to look smooth and line free. As long as you don’t care about compression, a slip can do the job just as well. And, if your bra has seams or lace that are visible under a top, covering your bra with a camisole is a great solution.

4. Gives a Peek of Lace

Do you have a low neckline you wish weren’t so low or a short skirt you wish were a little longer? A lacy slip or camisole can come to the rescue. A hint of lace can be a great filler, as well as giving your outfit a little more femininity.

5. A Beautiful Sleepwear Alternative

Yes, we all have our super comfy sleepwear and loungewear. But there’s something special about lounging in something silky and soft. Maybe no one else will see it, but a silk or microfiber slip or set is a very yummy indulgence.

6. Keeps Clothing From Clinging or Feeling Scratchy

Have you noticed that when you wear a full skirt, you are frequently pulling it out from between your legs? Problem solved if you wear a more form-fitting slip. The smaller circumference of the slip lets you walk with ease while keeping your skirt in place and flowing.

On a personal note, I have very sensitive skin. So, wool, angora, and even cashmere feel scratchy to me. I solved my issue by always having a slip or camisole on underneath for protection. And again, this added layer allows me to wear things more times before laundering.

7. Wearing a Slip as Outerwear

If opaque enough, a slip can be styled into a dress and worn out in public. Wear it with a jean jacket or blazer. Put it on over a t-shirt or under a baggy sweatshirt. The looks are endless. Yet another reason to make sure you have a few slips in your wardrobe.

Here are a few images to show you styling ideas:

Final Thought…

Did you know that cotton is the only fabric that will not create a static charge? The worst offenders for creating static cling are fur, polyester, rayon, silk, and wool.

What I do when I find myself holding a charge is to excuse myself to the ladies’ room, wash my hands, then dry them off on either my pantyhose or slip. I get instant relief. Some rub a dryer sheet or spray hairspray about their legs. A more curious recommendation is to thread your static garment through a metal hanger – the metal discharges the electricity and removes the static. Finally, hiding a metal safety pin inside the offending garment is said to instantly absorb static… Who knew?


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